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the latest possible breakthrough in the terror nightmare in boston one week ago. the surviving suspect is starting to answer questions. the young bay area boy injured in the boston bombings is expecting some special visitors today. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a massive cleanup is set to begin in several hours at a homeless encampment. we'll tell you the particular problems that the city keeps running into here. also, a heads up for air travelers. something you should know before heading off to the airport this morning. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning to you. welcome back. >> thank you. >> welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, april 22nd.
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it's now been one week since the boston marathon bombings. the governor of massachusetts is asking everyone in the state to observe a moment of silence to honor the victims. that will occur in about five hours. the surviving suspect is starting to answer questions. ktvu's brian flores joins us from the newsroom with more on the investigation and also this day of mourning. >> this is where the saying "boston strong" will be put to the test again. very emotional week. one victim will be laid to rest. the sur virning suspect will be answering questions. zoz has a neck wound -- dzhokhar tsarnaev has a neck round that's keying him from speaking. we're hearing he's answering questions while writing, still under heavy guard at the hospital. no official charges have been filed yet but that will change
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today or the coming days. boston police believe both brothers had plans to kill others. >> both suspects were armed with guns at the scene of the shooting. >> there's also a question this morning on how the suspect should be questioned in the first place. some lawmakers say he should be contracted an em -- considered enemy combatant. >> the decision not to read miranda rights was made by the federal officials. this is a unique clause at the federal level that we've not experienced here. >> the mother of both suspects
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tells the "associated press" that the fbi spoke to her sons after the bomb exploded an continues to claim that the fbi monitored him back in 2011 during an interview. a moment of silence begins at 11:50 hour time. back to you. >> thank you. students at the university of massachusetts were stushed to learn they -- were stunned to learn they knew one of the bombers. >> he's like, yeah, tragedies happen. >> they say he was on campus and say they were shocked when they saw his picture on tv after the explosion. coply square will remain closed for at least two more days.
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fbi agents scour the scene for evidence and debris from the bombing is cleared. officials say the square will not reopen until the fbi investigation is complete. :7:-- 7:03. the as are in oakland getting ready to begin a series with the boston red sox. some plan to meet with air aaron -- with aaron hearn, the victim in the shooting. first lady michelle obama visited aaron hearn last week. we now know the fbi interviewed the older suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev, two years ago after being tipped off he was a follower of radicalism. coming up at 7:15, why some lawmakers want to know if the fbi dropped the ball. time is running out in san
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jose for people living in a large homeless camp. they will be forced to leave in a couple of hours. ktvu's janine de la vega is live near the camp where those cleanup crews are getting ready to sweep through the area. >> reporter: we've been here since 4:30. now that it's lighter, we can get a better idea what this looks like. the homeless have been access through the chain-link fence. there's a lot of trash, manmade structures and tarps. we've seen people packing up and getting ready to move. city officials estimate a lot of single adults, couples and their pets have set up camp. crews were here lost october and removed 50 tons of trash. some people are driving their
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cars down access roads and leaving them there to reach their -- dash camp. the project manager says they plan to close off roads and hire private security to prevent the homeless from coming back. they will start to show up here around 8:30 this morning and the actual cleanup starts at 9:00 a.m. it will be happening all day today. it will be going into tomorrow. again, back out here live, besides seeing about two or three people cleaning upwe haven't seen too much movement. it seems like everybody else is waiting for the city work crews to come in and make them leave. we'll continue to monitor the situation and plan on reaching out to homeless people. so far nobody has wanted to talk to us yet but that may change on "mornings on 2." janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:06. an oakland native may be named the next superintendent of the oakland unified school
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district. gary yee is wear considered for the acting superintendent -- is being considered for the acting superintendent. tony smith is gonna to resign in june because of family issues. the board will take a vote this wednesday. california students are fighting a bill that would increase their college costs. the bill would raise fees for high tee manned, summer and winter courses at community college. the author of the bill says it's aimed at helping schools that have dropped classes because of funding cuts. the students are reaching out to lawmakers to oppose that bill. 7:07. there will soon be more options if you ride the ferry between south san francisco and the east bay. starting next monday, they are adding a 6:20 p.m. trip. right now, the last ferry from south san francisco to oakland
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and leamed leaves at 5:30. ridership has been down so they hope that adding more evening trips will add more commuters. they also hope to attract more groups for midday trips. sal, can you help the folks at the toll plaza? >> we're trying to, dave. tori, welcome back. today is not a light day. let's see the toll plaza now. some days we have surprised. but today it's backed up for a 25, 30-minute delay. no problems getting into the city. also this morning. we're looking at the commute on the peninsula. 101 looks good from 380 to 92, not a bad delay. and then southbound, 880 near a street there is a crash. 19 minutes from mowry to the fremont exit. 7:08. let's look at northbound 280 in downtown san jose. that commute is off to a decent
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start. here's steve. thank you. sunny and warm. there are hints it will be slightly cooler than yesterday. before we get started, i have to give a shot out to golden shores. it was nice on saturday and sunday and will be warmer today. however, there's a little bit of fog coming up the coast. the tools are slightly cooler. it will still be warm, way above average but probably not record-setting territory. you need to get a bunch of 90s. the record in san francisco is 90. but that won't be close at all today. the wind at the surface seems to be turning. travis has a west wind at 2 miles an hour.
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i know, that's nothing. maybe that's a sign of things to come. on the coast, temperatures should be around 72, 73 in the mid- to upper 80s. san francisco, i went 75 but at noon, by 4:00 today, i think a little bit of a sea breeze kicks in. fog is south. it's coming up the coast, central california. it just took a turn. overall, 40s for some. 48 in novato, napa. half moon bay, 47. el -- el granada. we'll keep an they on things. but it looks like a northwest breeze starting to work its way in. it's just taking the turn there. it's very shallow show. 30s in the mountains, 40s, 50s for everyone else. 60s to near 70s.
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a little low speaking in towards wednesday and thursday will give us a cooldown. it's a couple of days away. sunshine, warm weather. a late sea breeze over by the beaches. not before the 70s and 80s to mid-80s for almost everybody here. maybe a late sea breeze might take the edge off a couple of degrees compared to yesterday. not only here. but by the coast. fog will be bag. it looks like we cool down on thursday. with your weekend in view, a little bit warmer. and welcome back, tori. >> all right. thank you, steve. nice to be back with sunny weather. 7:11. well, a shooting in a seattle suburb killed five people. what police say may have led to the gunfire at an apartment complex. >> listen to me. i've got a nursing home and an
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aim mow station. >> we're -- ammo station. >> we're just hearing the calls after that texas plant explosion. is it wrong to buy an entire outfit to match your mani-pedi? shop like a fashionista. not if you find something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx.
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clear skies, a lot of sunshine, warm conditions today. way above average. 70s, 80s, maybe 90s if you are far away -- far enough away from the coast. police are investigating a shooting at a south seattle apartment complex that left five people dead. they found two injured men dead on the ground. police found three other victims throughout the complex. police say the shooting happened after a fight.
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lawmakers in washington, d.c. want to question fbi officials about learning a lot more about one of the boston marathon bombing suspects. as kyla campbell reports, the fbi flagged the one suspect a while ago. >> reporter: that's waus the russian government asked the fbi to interview tamerlan tsarnaev, suspect number one, in a shootout with police. the russian government alerted the fbi in 2011 saying tsarnaev was preparing to travel where there are underground radical groups. the fbi interviewed him and so did some family members but found no proof of evidence. the fbi did not interview him when he returned to america. lawmakers say thats a major problem because -- that's a major problem because they believe now that he started to post radical videos online after returning to the u.s. >> after an original inquiry if there are people that come to
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the attention of the fbi about concerns of terrorism what are the procedures to do, you know, appropriate follow up? >> reporter: some lawmakers say it's time to re-evaluate procedures or possibly change the laws. what's expected here on the boston marathon bombing investigation when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the man accused of mailing a letter containing ricin to president obama is expected back in court. paul kevin curtis has denied any involvement sent to the president or other letters sent to a senator or judge. his attorneys say there's little evidence connecting him to the letters but curtis's family says he does suffer from mental illness. we're hearing the frantic 911 calls made from a deadly explosion at a fert light ez -- fertilizer plant in west,
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texas. >> there's been an explosion at my house. all of the windows are completely in. >> at least 14 people were killed in last wednesday's explosion and 200 more were injured. ten of those killed were first responders. >> listen, to me. the station just totally exploded. i have a nursing home and an ammo station and i need as much help that you can sent. >> some were able to return home. howf, they have strict curfews and limited water -- however, they have strict curfews and limited water and electricity. the international atomic energy has been investigating
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the fukushima plant. the plant's operator has been told to replace the current equipment there with a more reliable system. today marks three years since bp's oil platform sank in the gulf of mexico after a giant explosion. 11 workers were killed. it caused and oil leak that lasted almost three months. it damaged marine and wildlife habitats. it also damaged the fishing and tourism industries of the gulf coast. 7:18. happening right now -- the new immigration reform bill is getting its first test at a hearing of the senate judiciary committee. the gang of 8 senators formally unveiled the plan. it includes a 13-year path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million up cook debllthed -- uncook meanted immy --
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undocumented immigrants in the u.s. sheriff ahearn is being asked to drop out of a federal program targeting undocumented immigrants. the secure community's program calls for law enforcement to forward the fingerprints of anyone they arrest to federal authorities. the prints are compared to the database to check a person's federal history and immigration status. the supervisor, richard valley, says this will cause some to fear the police and cause the county money. up like regular dark daycare centers are not usually dropped in on. leland yee is requiring a bill that background checks are required and the centers have been growing in popularities like fitness centers and shopping malls.
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the cleanup after that big marijuana party this past saturday in golden gate park cost more than $10,000. parkers have been klee -- park workers have been cleaning up hippie hill. between 10,000 and 20,000 people left a lot of trash behind. since there was no organizer for the event, city tax payers have to pay for it. >> big bucks there. a warm start to the week but how long will it last. steve paulson will tell us when to expect a cooldown. and check this out. a young boy a very horrifying close call with an alligator. we'll tell you how he was able to survive. it looks like we have some slowing on southbound 101. this may be due to an earlier crash near candlestick. we'll give you the update straight ahead. [ male announcer ] enjoy delicious chicken
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a south florida boy is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by an alligator. he and his father planned to go canoeing off boynton beach. he wandered to the edge and an alligator bit on the right side of his body. >> grabbed my arm. i couldn't get out. >> i'll punching the alligator on top of the head as hard as i could. >> he was rushed to the hospital with only mior injuries. tonight -- minor injuries. tonight, richmond residents, starting in july, all citizens will be automatically enrolled in a plan that has rates competitive to pg&e. residents can choose a 100% renewable energy program that
7:24 am
cost a penny more for each kilowatt used or they can go back to pg&e which generates 20% of the electricity. tonight's meeting is at 6:30 at the dujon middle high school. want to check in with sal. what's happening on 101? >> 101 may be slow coming in and leaving because of an earlier accident at 101 at 280. the traffic will be slow. let's take a look at 101 in the peninsula. it's not all that bad as you drive from san mateo to burlingame. the commute doesn't look bad from 380 down to 92. 880 southbound, you do have that crash that's making it a little bit slow. let's take a look at the toll plaza that is backed up for a little bit of a commute here. it's backed up for about a 25- minute delay. if you are driving on 880 north and southbound, that looks pretty good. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
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clear skies. i think tomorrow everything changes. a lot of sunshine. warm temperatures. it will be close as we have not much of a sea breeze yet. it is trying to get its act together. almost every location says calm unless you are in the higher locations or on the coast. i think we're okay tonight but don't be surprised if a sea breeze begins to pick up tonight during the game. not yet. there's fog offshore. there's fog coming up the coast but not making any impact yet. 40s, 50s to almost 60. there is a hint of a breeze at fairfield. a little low swinging in later in the week will give us a pretty significant cooldown. today it's all systems go for sunshine especially away from the coast. the fog might make it to monterey or santa cruz. 70s to 80s to near 90. records on this date were hot back in 1987. i think we'll get pretty close
7:26 am
to that but not record-setting territory. a slight rebound for the temperatures. tori and dave. all right. a spring-time flooding disaster right along the mississippi river. thousands are getting the one thing they don't need. >> reporter: san francisco's police chief pushing for new surveillance cameras to be set up along market street. [no audio] [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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it's been one week since the boston marathon bombings. we're hearing the suspect is communicating with the fbi from his hospital bed. as tori dunnen reports this is a sad day for the family of the victims and friends. >> reporter: dave, as the investigation continues, it's really a difficult day here in boston. that's because memorial services are beginning for the victims. outside crystal campbell funeral today, people came together and hung up an
7:30 am
american -- krystle campbell's funeral today, people came together and hung up an american flag. people waited in line for hours to pay the respects to the family of krystle campbell. >> everybody is coming together to. >> reporter: she was one of three killed last week in the boston marathon bombings. this will likely be a week marked with tears as family say goodbye to the victims. >> i hope god will give a lot of strength to her and the family. >> reporter: the families want to know exactly what the motive was for the deadly attack and how it was carried out. the person with the most questions to answer is 19-year- old jahar, this man. he remains hospitalized with serious injuries including a wound to the neck. >> it's hard to receive how he received that injury. there was a shootout in
7:31 am
watertown. >> reporter: tamerlan tsarnaev died friday morning after a shooting with the police. authorities -- authorities say the two people were planning other attacks. >> i told the people of boston they can rest easily. >> reporter: the threat may be over but the healing and grieving have only just begun. and back to the investigation here, the suspect remains in the hospital in serious condition. law enforcement source hes confilm -- sources confirm he's talking with investigators, a senior federal law enforcement official who is being briefed on the investigation confirms it is in writing but at this point no charges have been filed. >> all right. thank you, tori. 7:31. san francisco police chief greg suhr is considering a major security change to market
7:32 am
street. >> reporter: people say they are okay with this idea that the chief is broeting to set up surveillance cameras along -- floating around to set up surveillance cameras along market street. the chief essentially wants to put surveillance cameras up along market street so they can keep an eye on large crowds during evants and parades that take place -- events and parades that take place. san francisco has videos set up in high -- in high-profile places but they don't monitor them. they look at them when they need to. the supervisor and the chief want to give police the schoals they need to re-- tools they need to respond to trouble. one man i talked with a short time ago, said he's fine with more cameras as long as they are used in the right way.
7:33 am
>> personally, i would agree with it. for day to day, i don't see the point, it would be a misuse. but for parades. a lot of people a lot of times they -- the police just can't handle it all of the time. >> reporter: in an interview with the san francisco "chronicle" chief suhr said it would be great every time we had a major event we had a command post where you could have video cameras having all of the eyes and ears out there. along with calling for the cameras, they want the security procedures, they want cameras for other events like the beta breakers race and the america's cup. i'm trying to get more information on this plan for more security cameras on market street. waiting to hear back. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. as the legal process begins
7:34 am
with the surviving 19-year-old bombing suspect. dianne feinstein is calling for him to be treated as a criminal definite rather than an enemy combatant. >> it's clear for me that the course that can be taken, you have the high value interrogation group, they are skilled. they know how to do this. >> some republican senators have called for johar taur to be labeled -- tsarnaev to be labeled a combatant. feinstein says she does not believe he calls for that. there will be a two and a half mile race at ross common park. runners are encouraged to wear blue and yellow clothing, the official colors of the boston marathon. air traffic controllers are being furloughed this morning. that could mean long flight delays for you travelers. tara moriarty joins us live at
7:35 am
sfo to tell us how the fur rows are a -- furloughs are affecting bay area flights. >> reporter: so far, the flights seem to be running smoothly. we won't see the full impact for another hour and a half. at 9:00, that's when the bulk of the arrival begins to come in. behind me is the air traffic control tower and that's when fewer controllers will be on. passengers didn't seem to be happy about it. traffic is ramping today because it's the start of the business week. all air traffic controllers must take one day off a week. the faa said planes will have to take off and land more frequently. that would translate to potential longer lines at the airport. joining me is the spokesperson
7:36 am
for sfo. can you give me an idea of how many travelers will be out on every given day or? >> what i can tell you, it's about a 10% of reduction. if i'm an air traffic controller, one of my days out of ten is reduced as the furlough. >> reporter: do you have any idea if this will impact the lines? >> i think where we might see some effect is more from the faa perspective. i don't know if it will affect the lines at the airport. but in terms of flight delays, if there's another airport that has congestion issues or staffing issues, even if we're fined locally, we may experience delays to and from the location. it's very much a nationwide issue. >> reporter: it's a juggling act for you. i think one of the things we can expect, there is a procedure we use and that requires an extra controller. not an issue today but if we
7:37 am
have bad weather conditions, we might not be able to use that procedure. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. doug yagle, the spokesperson at sfo. around 9:00 we'll start to see things pick up and we'll let you know if we're seeing cancellations or delays up on the board. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. 7:36. today boeing started to put upgraded batteries on some of the dreamliner yets. by next week, the -- jets. by next week, the batteries should be installed in all 50 dream liners that had been operating. the airlines still have to wait for regulators to give approval. the faa is expected to announce its approval for 787s to operate over the u.s. within the next couple of days. we have more insight into the details and costs into the 49ers stadium in santa clara. fans can anticipate a $25
7:38 am
million electrical system that will allow 12,000 people to charge their cell phones all at the same time. people can also fork out $500 to attend a joe montana autograph signing or $150 to see jim harbaugh at a stadium event. the new stadium will cost $1.2 billion when all is said and done. sal, everything okay in san jose? >> yes, it is. it is a little bit slower than it was. northbound as you drive up through downtown and get into the valley, it will be slow. but we don't have any major crashes on the way. just people getting back to work and we don't have -- we don't see anything really terrible here. the traffic continues to slow on 101 as well by the way getting up to the 880 interchange. we had an earlier crash at the toll plaza. they had to get those cars out of the way. for a while, even the carpool lanes were slowing down.
7:39 am
it does look like they've cleared the crash and the traffic is beginning to recover. southbound 880, there was a crash at the bottom of the ramp. 880, it's been causing slow traffic on the nimitz freeway. 7:38. let's go to steve. clear skies, not much of a breeze. hardly anything at all. at the surface, almost everyone says calm. toughest forecast as always. i think the sea breeze will kick in for the game tonight. i think it will. it's mild now. the fog is getting closer and closer. just prepare. be prepared. it should be mild, warm. but don't be surprised if the wind kicks up. normal is 63. so we're way above. i did start to drop things around 4:00 or 5:00. the fog is getting closer and
7:40 am
closer to monterey. the fog is off the coast. it's still running into resistance. there is not enough of an onshore breeze. a little low out here. this little guy will spin towards the california coast. that will increase the fog and giving you us a cooling trend. very interesting temperatures. hayward is 57 if you are going over the san mateo bridge, usually you will see a difference in the temperatures. redwood city, 59. san core lows, 5 the -- san carlos, 59. sfo, 56. that's consistent for the areas that can get huge differences in temperatures. for some, there's a mild pattern. everyone is pretty close. calm, oakland airport, calm, sfo. no sea breeze yet. also travis had a little puff at the west at 2. almost everyone says calm except for
7:41 am
santa rosa airport. not to monterey yet. i think it will be there by tonight. once they get a south wind. they are down. 30s to 50s on the temperatures to even 60 in froze know. there's mild -- fresno. there's mild condition -- there's mild conditions. we're way above average on the temperatures. so 70s and 80s. a lot of 80s inland. mid- to upper. but near 90 for a couple. 70s, 80s. upper 70s, low 80s. i don't think -- inland still mild to warm. there's the cooldown wednesday and thursday. and then it looks like things start to turn around. still pretty nice, tori. >> thank you, steve. authorities say the group of experienced snowboarders killed in a colorado avalanche over the weekend, that group
7:42 am
was testing out avalanche safety gear. it was part of a community event promoting backcountry safety. the victims were snowboarding in the rocky mountains saturday at loveland pass when the 650- foot wide avalanche buried five men. a sixth snowboarder managed to dig out. the authorities say the ainges range -- ages ranged from 32 to 36 years old. flooding in mississippi has caused three deaths. crews are frantically trying to hold back the flood waters that have caused huge problems in several states. good news on gas prices and the green move several bay area cities are making today. the important warning that's being issued about cinnamon.
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7:45 am
caterpillar reported first- quarter earnings. the revenue that fell short of the expectations. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 75. the nasdaq down 2. s&p down 4. sales of previously-owned homes also dipped last month. the national association of realtors said sales fell 6% mostly because of a limited supply of available homes. but other signs point to sub stagetly more sales in the long- term. the average price did, 184,000. up 12% from march of last year. it's the largest year to year
7:46 am
growth since 2005. for the first time in eight years, the five most valuable companies in the world are all based in the united states. exxonmobil topped the list followed by apple, google, berkshire and walmart. last year, three chinese companies were in the top five and for the first time in three years, no company in the world is worth $400 billion. gas prices continue to slip across the country and here in the bay area. analysts say they could be lower by the memorial holiday weekend. san francisco averages $4.06. around the rest of the bay area, it's down about 6 cents a gallon. experts say we could be saying 20 cents less by the end of next month. paper or plastic? that's something you won't be hearing much longer in many
7:47 am
cities and counties in california. pam cook is in the newsroom with more. >> it's earth day today. to coincide, many cities are joining the effort to reduce, refuse and recycle. redwood city and menlo park, are not allowed to hand out plastic bags and required to charge you 10 cents for a i aer -- paper bag. we asked some people. most are in favor. >> i think it's fabulous. >> tell me why. >> i think any time we can help the earth and recycle bags and go to the reseussable will -- reusable will benefit all of us, especially our kids. >> the amount of bags i was using. it will be a habit change. >> now, grocery stores from what we understand are still able to provide plastic bags
7:48 am
for produce. pharmacies can distribute small bags. we also know that nonprofits are exempt from this. in our next hour of "mornings on 2," we met one woman who knows about the ban. she for got about it. she had a unique way of paying the fee. she's not alone. i have a great conversation going on my facebook about how many people remember or forget to bring their reusable bags. unincorporated parts of santa cruz county, starting today, restaurants can no longer use plastic bags for orders. the fees went up 25 ent -- cents per bag last month. there's a prank called the cinnamon challenge. if you haven't heard of it, it involves daring someone to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon
7:49 am
without water. it usualry results in spitting -- usually results in spitting it out. and lately, more people are requiring hospitalization. doctors are advising parents to tell their children, just say no. north vallejo little league games will be played after a temporary suspension following a shooting last week in the field's parking lot. the shooting happened on wednesday night in the parking lot of ther monday -- thurmond field. this happened during a t- ballgame. the family involved has since resigned. little league presidents met with players and doechs and parents -- coaches and parents to help ease concern. a popular movie star found herself in jail over the dged with. the reason reese witherspoon has been arrested and the charges she faces.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
oak police and crimestoppers are offering a $5,000 reward to solve a weekend shooting case in a rockridge neighborhood. police say a man held up a man and a woman on saturday night. the robber shot the man in the shoulder. he's expected to survive. the rockridge crime presex council says it's the first shooting in that neighborhood in many years. also later this morning, a san jose woman accused of stealing a car with a baby inside is expected to enter a plea in court. karla hernandez is facing charges that include kidnapping, child endangerment and car theft. police say she stole a car with an 11-month-old girl in the back seat after the baby's mother left the keys in the ignition last month. an amber alert was issued and then about five hours later,
7:53 am
police found the car abandoned with the child inside. the child was not hurt. 7:52. a court hearing will be held today for actress reese witherspoon after she was arrested friday night. an officer stopped her and her husband, jim toth, after noticing their car was driving in the wrong lang. toth was arrested for dui. witter spoon was -- witherspoon was arrested because she could not stay -- would not stay in the car during her husband's field sobriety test. and al michaels was arrested on suspicion of dui. police in santa monica reportedly pulled him over friday night after seeing him make an illegal u-turn. he spent about five hours in jail before he was released. 7:53. tom cruise in a familiar spot. number one at the weekend box office.
7:54 am
the new movie " oblivion" took in $38 million at its u.s. debut. tom cruise stars as a repair man fixing machines and what'sest will of earth after an attack by aliens. 7:54. twitter will cohost a comedy festival starting one week from today. the san francisco-based company is teaming up with comedy central to prove brevity is the soul of wit. comedians will beet jokes of 140 or -- tweet jokes of 140 or fewer characters and post 60 second videos. it will run for five days. let's quickly check in with
7:55 am
sal. see what's happening around the bridges. how are we looking? >> we're looking okay. we have a new crash on 880 near davis street. i want to mention that. we'll mention that the san mateo bridge is doing okay. we had an earlier crash getting out toward the bridge earlier. it was actually a car fire on the shoulder. that's been cleared. that crash at davis that i mentioned, i'm gonna put it on a map for you. it's northbound 880 at davis street. you will see slow traffic from 238. that's been slow the other way because of a crash at a street. this has been a slightly troubled area of the bay. let's move along to another live picture. this will be the bay bridge. that's backed up for about a 25- minute delay before you make it into san francisco. 7:55. let's go to steve. clear skies. no fog yet. it's offshore and coming up the coast. no impact as of right now. maybe later. by this time tomorrow i think we'll see a lot of low clouds,
7:56 am
very shallow deck covering much of the city, twin peaks. very difficult forecast when we have very warm weather and when the sea breeze in. that's always the toughest. 75 for a high today. but i think that's set by noon. late this afternoon, early evening the sea breeze will kick in. take the jackets just in case. 40s to 50s to almost 60. mountain view and redwood city. san carlos airport is 59. napa, 49 degrees. livermore, 52. so cool for some, warm for others. a little low will start to increase the follow. it's still about a day away. you can see the fog. being held in check by high pressure. even though there's not much of an offshore breeze anymore. 49 in pacific cau.
7:57 am
43 in -- pacifica. 43 in el granada. i think that say sea breeze is itchin' and rarin' to go. the temperatures will start to inch down on tuesday, come way down wednesday and thursday. a slight turnaround in the temperatures. nice, pleasant conditions for the weekend. what's now been one week since the city of boston changed forever. the critical legal question involving the surviving bombing suspect. also, the martinez boy injured in the bostp bombing -- boston bombing expecting special visitors from the bay. >> reporter: work crews will start to arrive here to do a massive cleanup of a homeless encampment. we'll tell you what one man had to say about it.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. >> it's been one week since the boston marathon bombings. the governor of massachusetts is asking everyone in the state to observe a moment of silence today to honor the victims. in the meantime, the surviving suspect he's starting to answer
8:00 am
questions. ktvu's brian flores joining us now in the newsroom with more on the investigation and this day of mourning in boston as well. >> that's right. that moment of silence is expected to take place at about 11:50 our time. this is exactly one week ago today that two bombs exploded at the boston marathon. we're learning one of the suspects responsible is answering questions. it's being reported that ja nar tsarnaev, the lone surviving suspect, has a neck injury that's preventing him from speaking. it's unclear how he got that injury last week. but we're hearing that he's communicating with authorities by writing things down. we don't know what type of questions' answering. no charges have been filed at this point. it's only a matter of time before that takes place. several people have lind up for the memorial service for krystle campbell outside of
8:01 am
boston. she was one of three deaths during the bombings. as for the other injuries, officials say their injuries are improving. >> we operated on 19. over the last week, i'm happy to report that patients are getting better. as of today, we have operated on -- re-operated on -- we've done 21 re-operations on these patients. we have 11 patients remaining in the hospital. one is area critically ill -- considered critically ill. >> there's debate moving forward in the investigation. some lawmakers say the suspect should be considered enemy combatant. meanwhile, boston's police commissioners says he
8:02 am
believes both brothers were planning to kill others. but to what extent, we won't know until we hear from the other suspect. back to you. >> thank you. meantime, officials hope to talk to the suspected widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. officials went to the home where katherine tsarnaev was staying. she refused to talk to them on the advice of her attorney. happening root now, a -- right now, a funeral is taking place for krystle campbell in medford. these are pictures outside of the funeral home. this looks like a hearse going by. she was one of three killed. she was born and raised in the bostp area. friends -- boston area. friends say she loved movies, concerts and sporting events
8:03 am
and enjoyed watching the boston marathon. i've been going to the website of the "boston globe" and it says there are about 200 members of the teamsters 23 promising to block any protesters if theyful through on a threat to picket krystle campbell's funeral. about a half-hour ago, according to the boston globe, no members of the westborough church were seen but this is a proo caution. the -- precaution. the teamsters says it's the right thing to do. the family deserves a grieving pro. those who are coming here are martha coakley, the mayor of medford and the mayor of
8:04 am
somerville as well. so again, a funeral taking place for one of the three bombing victims. krystle campbell being laid to rest today in boston. time is now 8:03. in the meantime, students at the university of massachusetts were stunned to find out they knew one of the suspects in the boston marathon bombings. he had even smad small talk about the ex-- made small talk about the explosions. >> yeah, this is crazy. tragedies happen. >> they say jahar tsarnaev was on the campus days after the bombings and seemed unaffected. the students learned he was a suspect when they saw his photo on television three days after the ect ploetions , ploekses. meantime, copley square and boylston -- explosions. meantime, copley square and boyleston remain closed as the
8:05 am
fbi go law and scourest -- go through and scour the streets. the oakland as are in boston getting ready to begin a series with the bostp red sox. this morning two as players and one coach hope to meet young aaron hemp. he's the 11-year-old boy from martinez who suffered a serious leg injury in the bombing one week ago. as batting coach, brandon moss and josh reddick all plan to visit his hospital room before today's game. first lady michelle obama visited aaron last week. we now know that the fbi interviewed the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother, he was -- they interviewed him two years ago, tipped off by russian authorities that he was a follower of radical islam. coming up at 8:15, some lawmakers want to know if the fbi dropped the ball. police are investigating a
8:06 am
shooting at an apartment complex south of seattle that left five people dead. when police arrived at the complex in federal way last night, they found two injured men on the ground. police say they shot one of the men after he reached for a gun. officers then found three other victims throughout the complex. police say it appears the shooting happened after a fight. in 30 minutes from right now, a large homeless camp in san jose will be torn down. ktvu's janine de la vega is in san jose now and just talked with one man who called that camp home. janine? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. he says he owns an r.v. and he actually found an access road and drove it down here into the encampment. he said it was difficult but he camouflaged it and was able to live here for an hour half -- for an hour and a half. it's parked at a shopping center since police are gonna come in here and clean it up. there's a lot of trash on the
8:07 am
ground. this is off story road near coyote creek. a lot of people still down here. city officials estimate 200 people live in the encampment and have set up structures. crews have cleaned up the same site removing 50 tons of trash but the homeless keep moving in. some have civen -- have driven their cars and city officials plan to hire private security roads and block those roads permanently to prevent the homeless from coming back in. this morning, workers will begin to clearing out the encampment at 9:00 a.m. the man we toke to -- we spoke to said he understands they are all trespassing and describes what it looked like this morning. >> there's -- there's a crew of people that might be wanted or something. they got out early. they got out and so they won't have to face the police or
8:08 am
something. >> reporter: a lot of people still down there? >> yeah. and they will take their time and push their shopping carts out. what can the police really do to them? >> reporter: the project manager said this is a short- term conclusion. but they are in the planning phase of obtaining more grant money and funds to create long- term affordable housing. they will no more about how much funding they will have when the budget, the process. back out here live you are looking at the chain-link fence that runs near story road. you can see it's completely been torn. there's several openings and holes here and that's what the homeless has been using. we haven't seen the city crews or police or animal control out here yet. as dave mentioned, they will be arriving in the next 30 minutes
8:09 am
to start to prepare. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:08 is the time. i want to check in with sal. the westbound 237, we're gonna start there. we have more of a backup there and more of the traffic is getting slower coming into the silicon valley. it's not all that bad. today we've had slightly better than usual days. i want to mention, we're still clearing an accident near northbound 88 on the way up to oakland, it will be tough and it will be slow. highway 13 getting up to 24 is just a mess this morning. let's go to the bay bridge. that's backed up for about a 25- minute tla. it say -- delay. it is showing some improvement. clear skies, temperatures beginning to warm up. hardly any breeze at all. most locations say calm but there seems to be a slight
8:10 am
offshore component. fog is trying coming up the coast. it's also offshore. maybe by late tonight or tomorrow. high pressure says no, we're taking charge today. it's going to give us way above average temperatures. a little low out here will work its way to the central coast probably wednesday, thursday. that will give us a huge cooldown. but until then, today's weather is much like sunday, sunny, warm, hot. this will be the day to go to the beaches. temperatures will continue to be way above average. nice 70s for some to near 80s. 80s to near 90. temperatures already -- concord is already 61. livermore is almost 70. that might be an east wind there. had some 40s to the north. san francisco 61. sfo is in there. mountain view, 63. oakland 63. we're starting off warm. oakland airport says calm. sfo was trying a couple of
8:11 am
hours ago. that's definitely tailed off. that's why they are almost 70 degrees. most locations say calm. north wind at santa rosa. that's a warm direction for them. everyone is -- everything is in shape. the fog is trying. not too far from monterey, probably be there and then put on the air brakes. no pun intended. i think santa cruz will really drop in the temperatures. 39 tahoe. 72 palm springs. 64 in sacramento. the homicide you can see some of the fog right there putting its foot down. the fog has not much to go with. sunny to warm, warm to hot. late sea breeze on the coast. temperatures inland will be very, very warm. 70s and low 80s, would not be surprised if a record or two came in. it will be close. but temperatures -- even though they are way above average, looks like we peaked out.
8:12 am
much, much cooler wednesday into thursday. water temperatures are cold. that heat in the valley won't take much. it does look like a little rebound on the temperatures. an emergency helicopterlanding in afghanistan turned into a -- hadn't helicopter landing in afghanistan turned into a hostage situation. and a new bird strain flu is happening in china. what's being said about the huge jump in infections. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
8:13 am
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8:15 am
very calm conditions, very clear conditions. 60s. there's enough of an offshore breeze to keep temperatures warm. possible records. it will be cooler tomorrow. we're following developing news in afghanistan. 11 people are being held hostage by the taliban. they were captured after their helicopter made an emergency landing in bad weather. they landed in an area controlled by insurgents right near the border with pakistan. at a news conference in kabul, nato officials said all are civilians. the pilot is from afghanistan. we don't know the nationality of the others. but nato says no americans were on board. >> we're assisting the afghan authorities in the search for this helicopter. this is all i can tell you for the time being. >> nato officials say they
8:16 am
don't know the conditions of the hostages. in a few hours, president obama will join the state of massachusetts in a moment of silence to honor the victims of the boston marathon bombings. in the meantime, the investigation continues into those bombings and kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain why some lawmakers wonder if the fbi dropped the ball. kyla? >> reporter: there were some red flags with something number one -- with suspect number one. the fbi asked them to interview tamerlan tsarnaev because russia believed he could be involved in underground radical groups in chechnya. the fbi talked with him and family members but found no proof of fbi terrorist activities. and they did not up with him after he took two trips to the russian relynn last year. lawmakers are upset because they now know that the suspect
8:17 am
started to post radical islams online. >> there's people that you don't want to get out of your sight. this was a mistake. i we need to up our graim. >> there's a -- game. >> reporter: and there's a good chance the officials will learn more today. dianne feinstein chairs the meeting today. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. it is china's worst earthquake in three years. the death toll continues to rise from saturday's disaster. 189 people are confirmed today. and 1100 people are injured from the 6.6 magnitude earthquake. major land slides bocking roads
8:18 am
have slowed relief efforts. authorities do report that all giant pandas living in breeding facilities near the earthquake epicenter are okay. some of the 62 giant pandas were terrified and climbed up high in the trees. even though they wouldn't come down, authorities report they are safe. they have enough food and water supplies on hand to last for up to a month in case of disasters like these. more than 100 people in china now infected with the bird flu. that's a big increase from last month whoen it was -- when it was first retected -- detected. 20 people have died. so far, the virus has affected mainly eastern china. pack in this -- back in this country, the man accused of mailing the letter containing the poison ricin is due in court. curtis has tee mid any --
8:19 am
denied sending any of these letters. his lawyer says authorities have little evidence connecting him to the letters. curtis's family says he suffers from mental illness. for first time we're hearing the frantic 911 calls made after a deadly explosion at that fertilizer plant in west, texas. >> there's been an explosion at our house. all of the windows are completely blown in. >> now, at heat 14 people were killed in last wednesday's explosion. 200 more were hurt. ten of 240es who died -- those who died were first responders. >> listen to me. i've got a nursing home -- [inaudible] >> i need as many trucks as you can. >> 250 evacuees were allowed to
8:20 am
back home. they face strict curfews and have limited water and electricity. one senator's harsh warning to critics who wants to step back from immigration reform because of the boston bombings. look out our window right now. another warm day. steve paulson is coming back. good morning. westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland, not a bad commute. you will see some slowing in orinda.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
happening right now, the senate jew dish air committee isholding a hearing on the new immigration bill and senator leahy had harsh words for anyone who says we should hold on on immigration reform after the boston bombings where the suspects are immigrants from chechnya. >> let no one let these heinous acts derail us. >> this morning's hearing so far has focused on a provision of the immigration reform bill that calls for a guest worker program for farm workers. representatives from the workers both gave their support and their comments this morning. back here at home, an oakland native may be named the new superintendent at oakland
8:24 am
unified school districts. gary yee is being considered to be the acting superintendent. the announcement comes as the current superintendent, tony smith, plans to resign in june because of family issues. the oakland school board will take a vote this wednesday. gary yee has previously served as a schoolteacher, principal and administrator of the district. let's check in with sal. >> things are not that bad. we've had a lot of fepedder benders. let's -- fender-benders. we have had just a couple of things going on, noninjury accidents here and there. moving along and taking a look at the toll plaza, you will see traffic is backed up as you drive through. there are no major problems. we have the earlier accident northbound 880 at -- at davis street. that's been cleared. so i want to put up the maps here. i want to show you the traffic
8:25 am
on northbound 680 coming up up to walnut creek -- coming up to walnut creek. there's an accident. no injuries. the traffic is backed up to san raw mown -- san ramon. let's go to steve into we have an easterly breeze, enough to give us a warm morning. there's hardly any onshore push yet. the fog is trying. it's up the coast. i don't think today it will matter. it's hard to see but some of it is out there. there's too much resistance to make much an impact. gl 75 today. the record is 86 in 1910. it could be a late sea breeze. we'll see. if it doesn't materialize all bets are especially for the diamondbacks and the giants
8:26 am
today. already -- it's almost 70 in livermore. that's an hour old. concord is 61. 60s for everyone else. 63 in mountain view. a little low will give us a cooldown but not until wednesday on thursday. possible records, maybe late sea breeze. 70s, 80s to 90. could be a few record highs. fog very shallow works it way back to friday. a big cooldown and it looks like things inch their way back up. 8:26. san francisco's police chief has a new security idea after the boston marathon bombings. why this plan involving a very busy downtown street is raising privacy concerns. just a few hours ago, a man was found shot to death in oakland. we'll tell you what police are telling us about this unfolding homicide investigation.
8:27 am
>> reporter: big delays on flights throughout the nation this morning. we'll tell you how -- furloughs for air traffic controllers may affect your traffic plans today.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. breaking news out of oakland right now. ktvu's alex savidge is live on 90th avenue with what police are saying about a homicide investigation. what happened, alex? >> reporter: well, dave, we are watching right now as detectives gather evidence out here in this homicide investigation that is still in the very early stages. a man's body is still up clear on the left side of the street. this is 90th avenue at g street. he was found shot to death
8:30 am
about 6:15 this morning, according to oakland police, they a number of gunshot wounds. one neighbor told me that she heard gunshots about 3:00 this morning. a few hours later, that discovery was made. it's unclear at this point exactly who this victim is. i did speak with a police officer on scene trying to get more information. he tells me he doesn't know exactly how old this man is, doesn't have any information on the shooter the police are searching for. as you can see, this street, 90th avenue is blocked off. about half of the block is shut down as homicide detectives move in to try to collect evidence and try to get a better sense of what took place this morning. one man found shot to death in oakland. we'll try to gather more details as we get them. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. it's been one week since the boston marathon bombings. we're hearing that the surviving suspect is just starting to communicate with the fbi from his hospital bed.
8:31 am
as tori dunnam reports from boston this is a sad story for victims and friends. >> reporter: good morning. we're approaching the lunch hour we are in boston, which means people are out and about walking to some businesses which have just started to reopen. you are getting the hustle and bustle feel of the city. at the same time, there are still reminders, this is far from over. the memorial services started today. boston strong, that's the message as the city tries to get back to a sense of normalcy on monday, all while krystle campbell's family gathers for her funeral. the 29 was one of three killed in the boston bombings. >> i hope god will give a lot of strength to her and the families. >> reporter: at the same time, the families are forging ahead. they want to know exactly what the motive was for the deadly attack and how it was carried
8:32 am
out. the person with the most questions to answer is 19-year- old jahar tsarnaev. he remains hospitalized including a gunshot to the neck. his older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, also wanted by the fbi in connection to the bombings died friday morning after a shootout with police. authorities say the brothers may have been planning another attack. >> the two suspects were armed with handguns at the scene of the shootout. and there were multiple explosive devices, including a large one that was similar to the pressure cooker device found on boylston street. >> reporter: the threat may be over but the grieving and healing have only just begun. and back to the investigation, we're learning a little bit more about what's happening inside this boston. a source close to the investigation is saying that every several hours, an
8:33 am
interview team is going in and asking the suspect very, basic focused questions, things like that a a there any more bombs and weapons and were you acing alone. that -- were you acting alone. that same source told us that suspect is responding by nodding. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco's police chief is considering a nagor new security move in the wake of the boston bombings. the "chronic ql reports that chief suhr is considering set up cameras along market street to monitor parades and other big events. san francisco already has cameras in high-crime areas but police don't monitor the cameras due to privacy concerns. a short time ago, we got reaction. >> a good idea to monitor a crowd because of what happened in boston which was totally
8:34 am
unexpected. you have two individuals with backpacks. you can't tell until you go through the film, yes, good idea, bad idea from the standpoint there will be individuals who say it's an invasion of privacy. >> the supercalled for a meeting after the boston marathon -- the superintendent called for a meeting after the boston marathon attacks. there will be a two and a half mile race at ross common park. runners are encouraged to wear blue and yellow clothing. we have breaking news in san jose. pg&e crews are headed to a gas leak near the valley fair mall. we've been told that the construction crew hit a gas line. now, pg&e crews are gonna try
8:35 am
to shut off the line as gickly as they -- quickly as they can. ktvu is on the way. we'll bring you all of the information we can about this gas leak as soon as we get it. furloughs of air traffic controllers, causing significant delays already. tara moriarty is joifing us live -- joining us live at sfo to explain how flights could be affected. >> reporter: flighting out of new york -- flighting out of new york and washington, d.c. are already experiencing two- hour delays. we couldn't seen the ripple effect. but we should be very shortly. >> you can see there is an air traffic control. this will be a juggling act trying to figure out these shifts. officials here are already having to balance all of the schedules and flights. so far, flights here have been on time but we won't see the high volume of traffic go through for at least another half-hour. that's when all of the arriving
8:36 am
flights start to come in. yesterday, four controllers were told not to come into work. this morning, traffic ramps up due to the start of the business week. as you know, because of government budget cuts, all air traffic controllers must take one day off every two weeks. that means most towers will lose at least one controller every day. the faa has said the planes will have to take off and land differently. >> congress, get your act together. this is something that's critical. >> reporter: jead, sfo and mineta reported no problems. but oakland did experience some delays froms coming out of yesterday. pilot organizations are suing the faa over the furloughs that
8:37 am
are supposed to last until september. back to you. >> lufa german airline canceled most of their flights. they've been canceled. their website says one flight from munich has been canceled. batteries are being put in the dreamliner jets. by next week, the redesigned battery system should be installed in all 50 dream liners that had been operating. the airlines will have to wait for approval to start to fly again. 8:37. more details have been released about the costs of the new san francisco 49ers' stadium in
8:38 am
santa clara. fans can anticipate a $25 million electrical system that will allow 12,000 people to charge their cell phones at the same time. people can also fork out $500 to attend the joe montana autograph signing or $150 to see coach jim harbaugh at a stadium preview event. the new stadium will cost $1.2 billion when all is said and done. our time, 8:38. sal, you have to help the folks on 880. how are they doing? >> well, they are doing better after problems in san leandro. it's beginning to improve. we still have slow traffic driving up to downtown oak. you will see -- oakland. you will see it there and it will stick that way all the way up to the embarcadero exits there. let's go to the toll plaza. we're seeing some improvement. that's about a 20-minute delay. but we're still waiting for sure getting into san francisco what's really slow is the
8:39 am
livermore commute. it's kind of a late one there. traffic will be slow on 680 northbound getting into danville. 8:38. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. calm conditions. a bit of an easterly breeze. i've seen gusts from 25 to 50 miles an hour. that's 2,000 feet. also mt. diablo, the temperatures are warming up pretty fast for many. had some cool readings but possible records it will be close. high pressure firmly in chase. there's a low here that will ramp up the fog bank. it's almost 70 at the airport. 61 in san francisco. it's 64 in the financial district. 67 south of market. there's very warm readings in san francisco and also around the bay, oakland getting an offshore push. i will show you a better picture of it. any sea breeze. no. calm at oakland airport, calm at san francisco.
8:40 am
that's not going to do it. >> north in santa rosa, a little bit of a south wind at half moon bay. therein lies a tough forecast for the santa cruz coastline and for san mateo and san francisco by tonight. there's the east wind at livermore which is why they are almost 70 degrees. you can see some of the fog. it's on its way to -- right there. it's getting closer to pg&e and pebble. but usually what happens, it comes to pg&e and kind of peels back in the pacific. there's also fog offshore. but it's running into tremendous resistance in the form of an offshore push. probably not until today. 30s to 60s to 70s. 30s in the mountains. 70s on the desert. a lot of fog offshore. the one coming up the band from the south will drop temperatures from the south. inland, warm, to hot. 80s to 90. the two warmest days probably for a while. way above average on the temperatures.
8:41 am
we should be in the low, few mid-70s. and temperatures will be really mild to warm on the coast, although a late breeze could kick in from the south. that's already showing itself on half moon bay bay. a little cooler on the coast. and then the big cooldown starts wednesday into thursday. kind of turns things around a little bit. it looks sunny and nice and warmer to -- warmer for the weekend. the ban on plastic bags, saud, several more bay area cities jump on the bandwagon. and teenagers are being warned about a prank that's sending more to the hospital. what the prank is all about and why it's so dangerous. >> reporter: we're live in san jose, where in the next 20 minutes a big cleanup will take place in this homeless encampment. you may be surprised to find out more.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
it's been one week since the boston marathon bombings. the governor of massachusetts wants everyone in the state to observe a moment of silence for the victims. that one-minute tribute will be at 11:50 a.m.
8:45 am
west coast time, the exact time when the first bomb went off. the white house also said president obama will observe a moment of silence today, also paying tribute to those victims. right now, a private funeral right here is getting underway in the boston suburb of medford for krystle campbell. the 29-year-old restaurant manager was one of the three people killed in the marathon bombings. friends say she loved music, sporting events and especially watching the boston marathon. back here in oakland, these are live pictures. there's breaking news of a homicide of an investigation in oakland we're still following. you can see the officers gathered around the scene. this is happening on 90th avenue. police say responding officers found a man shot several times. he was down on the streets. this investigation is happening live. if you have any information, get in contact with oakland
8:46 am
police. this morning, people living in a large homeless camp living in the south bay are told they have to move. janine de la vega is live where a sweep of the camp could start any minute now. >> reporter: we're here off story road. the city knows it will take a lot of time to clean up. there's a lot of trash here. a lot of manmade structures. city officials estimate that about 175 people live in the creek. we've only seen a few people back up and leave -- back up and leave. this the first time the city has done a massive cleanup. one was done last october but people move back in. the project manager says they blan to block access roads. they also plan on hiring private security. we spoke to one man who says that people down here have been living with all of the comforts
8:47 am
of home. >> they have every accommodation that everyone at home has, tv, cable tv, heaters, electricity, water. >> reporter: how are they getting electricity and where the -- and water. >> some people are using generators. some people tap off the street lights. [laughter] >> reporter: right now, the city is exploring how it is going to have more affordable housing in this city. right now, the city is dealing with planning the budget. we'll have more information on what that entails coming up in may. but again, they realize this is just a short-term fix to the problem of homelessness. back out here live, again, some people have started backing up. others are still -- they haven't budged here. they are still -- they have their tarps and manmade structures. this gentleman right here saying he's still packing. we'll continue to bring you an
8:48 am
update of how it goes, up at noon. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. we have an update now on that gas leak we told you about a couple of minutes ago in san jose at the fair valley mall. pg&e crews just arrived there. in fact, newschopper2 is flying over. they are gonna give us a picture of what's happening out there. we can tell you the gas leak is near forest avenue and stevens creek boulevard. this is newschopper2's picture showing you the scene where they are working down there. we're told that fair valley mall is being vecketted as a me -- evacuated as a precaution. ktvu has learned the construckd crew hit a gas -- construction crew hit a gas line. there's a lot going on. the crew will focus on shutting off the gas line. this is where it's happening. they are digging up, moving in, trying to cut off the gas line there. we'll keep you posted and we'll be flying over it and bring you the latest if there's anything
8:49 am
new that comes out of there. police in richmond are investigating a shooting not far from where a 16-year-old boy were shot and killed. police say a man was shot saturday night as he sat in his car on griffin drive. the shooting happened near mclaughlin way. that's where a 16-year-old boy and his 19-year-old sister were gunned down on thursday. a church pastor says all of that violence hits real close to home. two weeks ago, his own brother was shot. >> one of these young men shot up my grandmother's house and got my brother who wasn't the intended victim. >> police in richmond are investigating all three of those shootings. so far, no arrests have been made. north vallejo little league games will resume today after a temporary suspension following a shooting in the field's parking lot. the shooting happened on wednesday night in the parking
8:50 am
lot of thurmond field. shots were fired after an argument between a vallejo player and a relative during that t-ballgame. that family has since resigned from the game. the president of the little league met with parents, coaches to help ease concerns. doctors are add vids parents to tell their children to say no to the sin na mon challenge, that involves daring someone to follow a spoonful of sin ma nin in -- cinnamon in 60 seconds. more people are being hospitalized. the spice can cause choking, breathing trouble and even collapsed lunnings -- lungs. do you remember to carry your own shopping bags when you head off the store. if you don't, it will costing -- it will cost you as more people join the ban.
8:51 am
>> i'm learning some are just dealing with it. some are really organized and others are getting creative. starting today retailers in pacifica, redwood city and menlo park join a list of places that cannot hand out plastic bags and they are required to charge you at least 10 cents for a paper bag. the new ordinance is designed to help people follow. we found some people out and most know about it and foreget to bring their green. >> if i need it, i will probably pay attention. >> no bag. i think i'm just gonna put it in my trunk and when i get hole, i will put my bags to the trunk. >> she's not alone. i started a conversation on my facebook page and people getting creative. a lot of people telling me they carry their own items. they bag when they get out to
8:52 am
the car. best advice came in from brandon. when you come back, you unload your groceries, hang the bags near your front door and you remember to bring them out. here's some advice you may not have thought, wash your reusable bags, that's from the health department. if you are a holdout, retailers will start to charge 20 cents for those bags in 2015. also, unincorp rated parts -- unincorporated parts of santa cruz county are cracking down. restaurants can no longer use plastic tick bags for care -- plastic bags for carry-out orders. we're continuing to follow breaking news in the south bay. what pg&e is saying about a gas leak near a popular shopping mall. northbound 101, san francisco, the traffic is
8:53 am
moderate. tell you about the commute and have one final traffic update -- straight ahead. star command,
8:54 am
i'm detecting high levels of happiness. luscious locks there's an entire land here...with living cars. now this is flying... with style. great glittering galaxies. disneyland resort just got happier, see it all with a 3-day park hopper ticket. i now appear to be lost in a deep dark cave...
8:55 am
we're still following breaking news coming in from san jose where there's a gas leak near the valley fair mall. now, newschopper2 is flying over everything. pg&e has the crews down there. they are digging up. they are trying to cap off that gas leak -- gas leak right now.
8:56 am
we've been told that mall has been evacuated as a precaution. we haven't heard of any injuries yet but there is a lot of activity happening. ktvu has learned a construction crew hit a gas line out there. you can see the big hole where they are focusing on it right now. the crews are trying to shut off the gas as quickly as possible. we're over it. we'll bring you the any dials an any -- details and any information. the san jose woman accused of stealing a car with a baby inside is expected to enter a plea in court. karla hernandez faces kidnapping, child endangerment and car theft. police say she stole a car with an 11-month-old girl in the back seat after a woman left the keys in the ignition last month. an amber alert was issued and about five hours later, police found the car abandoned with the baby inside. the child was not hurt. 8:56. a court hearing will be held
8:57 am
for reese witherspoon after she was arrested friday night. a police stopped her and her husband, jim toth, after noticing their car was driving in the wrong lane. toth was arrested for dui. reese witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct. authorities say she would not stay in the car during her husband's sobriety test. she later issued an apology saying she's embarrassed by her actions. what's happening on the east shore, sal? >> it's getting busier on this late commute. i just noticed it on ashby avenue. it's pretty slow heading on down to the bay bridge toll plaza. there could be a stall or something minor there but at the toll plaza, it's not really backed up too much. it's only backed up for about a ten-minute delay here. only backed up to the end of the parking lot. livermore valley continues to be really busy all the way to dublin. if that's your commute. you need to give yourself extra time. let's go to steve.
8:58 am
>> sunshine, very warm temperatures, maybe some records set today a little tougher on the coast. especially santa cruz and san mateo coastline. a billion cooler tuesday. a big cooldown, wednesday, thursday. welcome back, tori. >> appreciate it. it's good to be back. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch us at noon for more on the fbi furloughs, how it could affect flights here in the bay area. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us. is it wrong to buy an entire outfit
8:59 am
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